A lesson (one of many) from the Ukraine Crisis

Tweet As most of you know, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the business world from less than conventional angles. One of the most popular arguments that I hear supporting the mainstream view that the world is moving in one stoppable direction – the creation […]

A World of Regions

Globalization: Understanding the weak signals

Tweet Download a pdf version Overview: Research tells us that one of the secrets to building a resilient organisation  is to understand and interpret weak signals better than the competition. Weak signals can help us prepare for future shocks. If we look at recent developments, particularly in the Ukraine and the Middle East, […]

Pictures of a world in transition?

Tweet The Ukraine and Argentina have been in my mind over the past few days. Both have a common linkage – the power of people. In the Ukraine we have seen a massive up-swell of opinion against intentions to align the country with a new Russian-led Eurasian Union as opposed […]

Can you see the waves of creative destruction?

Tweet Can you see the waves of creative destruction? It’s popular to think that globalisation unstoppable. But is it really unstoppable?  Global growth forecasts have been downgraded, Brazil is threatening an Internet clampdown, nationalism is rising in Europe and fighter jets are being scrambled in Asia. So what’s happening? It’s […]

Drones, jobs and a new mantra for business?

Tweet The news that Amazon may, in just a few years, be delivering online purchases using unmanned drones seems, for a few seconds, to be totally outlandish. But then, after another few moments’ reflection, it seems almost plausible. After all, we have been used to technology as a driver of […]

So why should business leaders pay attention to RTP?

Tweet No, it’s not the latest business ‘cure-all panacea’ to follow in the footsteps of BPR (business process re-engineering), TQM (total quality management) or the BSC (balanced scorecard). RTP is none of these, although it is one of a number of key leading indicators that business leaders should be looking […]

Social Media – Still a driver of Change (2)?

Tweet I should now add a fifth (sixth, or even seventh)  hurdle  that social media has to jump in addition to the four more geo-political issues raised in my last post. These hurdles are somewhat more fundamental and relate primarily to sheer boredom. Some years back, it was interesting to […]

Social Media – Still a Driver of Change? 3

Tweet A rational world? As many organisations embark upon their annual business planning cycles, it’s a good time to double-check some common assumptions. One such assumption, that appears to receive almost ubiquitous support, is that social media will radically reshape the business landscape. This position, that the future will take […]

Understanding Mission, Vision and Values

Tweet Download a pdf version here Overview Frequently we become so busy, so absorbed by our day to day work that we forget to ensure that our organization has a clear and well communicated purpose. Yet research tells us that a clear and widely understood ‘purpose’ is the hallmark of […]