Groupthink – the enemy of resilience

We all know what groupthink is. Those decisions that are made within the closed confines of a well-established and cohesive teams. Decisions that appear perfectly rational to the decision-making team, but when implemented have disastrous results. The problem is that the destructive grip of groupthink can spread outside small decision-making […]


New global worlds

How stable are the ‘advanced economies’?

Conventional thinking tells us that whatever happens the ‘advanced economies’ will always be here. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Europe will always be a major part of the world map. But is this conventional thinking misleading? Is the West under attack and are historic alliances splintering? If […]

Globalization and Strategy: Have we got it right?

In this LinkedIn Pulse article I question the robustness of many of the popular assumptions that under-pin globalization and business strategy – from the ongoing rise of social media through to the stability of a connected world. I also provide ideas that you can work through with your management team to […]

Globalization and megatrends have we got it wrong

Barriers to innovation in the mind

Innovation Barriers – where do they exist?

It’s all too common to assume that innovation barriers exist within the structure of our organizations. Or even in the skills our staff possess. These are common areas that many leaders will look at when they start the process of building innovation capabilities in their organizatons. Yes, you will find […]

Resilience: a new mantra for business?

A New Mantra? Have you noticed that this year is different? Different in terms of what people are talking about? Well, it seems that way to me. The first few months of this year have produced some words, phrases and subjects that seem to keep popping up in conversation everywhere, […]


world map hr 1176x353

UK and Europe: two scenarios for business

  Text of presentation given by Dr Robert Davies at the City University British election roundtable event 30 April 2015 Overview: This talk introduces the ‘toxic 5‘ – factors that could destabilise western democracies. Many of these factors my be in position now. Business leaders seeking resilience should consider preparing […]

A lesson (one of many) from the Ukraine Crisis

As most of you know, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the business world from less than conventional angles. One of the most popular arguments that I hear supporting the mainstream view that the world is moving in one stoppable direction – the creation of […]

A World of Regions

Globalization: Understanding the weak signals

Download a pdf version Overview: Research tells us that one of the secrets to building a resilient organisation  is to understand and interpret weak signals better than the competition. Weak signals can help us prepare for future shocks. If we look at recent developments, particularly in the Ukraine and the Middle East, there […]

Pictures of a world in transition?

The Ukraine and Argentina have been in my mind over the past few days. Both have a common linkage – the power of people. In the Ukraine we have seen a massive up-swell of opinion against intentions to align the country with a new Russian-led Eurasian Union as opposed to […]

Can you see the waves of creative destruction?

Can you see the waves of creative destruction? It’s popular to think that globalisation unstoppable. But is it really unstoppable?  Global growth forecasts have been downgraded, Brazil is threatening an Internet clampdown, nationalism is rising in Europe and fighter jets are being scrambled in Asia. So what’s happening? It’s called […]