Success in a world without growth

Growth: The importance of a word Growth is probably the most powerful word in the business vocabulary. Overtly, or subliminally, it drives everything we do as business leaders. ‘Growth’ is the primary measure of success and is a word that acts as a call to action for strategy, change and innovation […]


Time for a new innovation mind-set?

Innovation is key to success. That would my central message to any reader. And the message applies especially during times of uncertainty when the key to winning is to have an innovation-driving mind-set that is broader than the competition. But, as I argue in my latest LinkedIn Pulse article 2016: Time for […]

Strategy: Why don’t things get done?

It’s a great strategy, but why isn’t anything getting done? OK, so you’ve crafted a great strategy, one that you’re proud of and that you’re sure will win.  You’ve been working hard on it and you’ve communicated the strategy and its critical actions out through the organisation’s usual channels. Problems […]

Strategy: Why don't things get done

Looking at the Future: the critical mistakes to avoid

This paper and the associated scenarios were originally presented at The Emerging Markets HR Summit 12th November 2015 London, organised by BOC Global Events and Training Group You can download a pdf version here   Organizations and foresight It is a sad fact that many organizations might not be very […]

Innovation: 10 mistakes you don’t want to make

So here’s the next in the ’10 Mistakes you don’t want to make’ series. The subject of this briefing is something that we should all be doing – no matter what size our business is – and that’s innovating. The main message here is that innovation doesn’t have to be […]

Strategy: 10 mistakes you don’t want to make

So it’s that time of year again. The summer holidays are now a distant memory. The annual business planning and budgeting cycle has kicked off and looks certain to dominate your agenda until Christmas Eve. Yes, crafting strategy is a critical task, but with crammed schedules it’s all too easy to make […]

Groupthink – the enemy of resilience

We all know what groupthink is. Those decisions that are made within the closed confines of a well-established and cohesive teams. Decisions that appear perfectly rational to the decision-making team, but when implemented have disastrous results. The problem is that the destructive grip of groupthink can spread outside small decision-making […]


New global worlds

How stable are the ‘advanced economies’?

Conventional thinking tells us that whatever happens the ‘advanced economies’ will always be here. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Europe will always be a major part of the world map. But is this conventional thinking misleading? Is the West under attack and are historic alliances splintering? If […]

Globalization and Strategy: Have we got it right?

In this LinkedIn Pulse article I question the robustness of many of the popular assumptions that under-pin globalization and business strategy – from the ongoing rise of social media through to the stability of a connected world. I also provide ideas that you can work through with your management team to […]

Globalization and megatrends have we got it wrong

Innovation Barriers – where do they exist?

It’s all too common to assume that innovation barriers exist within the structure of our organizations. Or even in the skills our staff possess. These are common areas that many leaders will look at when they start the process of building innovation capabilities in their organizatons. Yes, you will find […]