Strategy as the world changes - Dr Robert Davies

What opportunities does a new emerging world present for your business?

My role is to help business leaders navigate their organisations towards the new worlds that await us; helping them to develop the vision and strategy that will let them see, before the competition, the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

My latest book, The Era of Global Transition: Crises and opportunities in a new world, pieces together the jigsaw of a new emerging world order to provide you with a route map to the future. I have also developed approaches based on leading-edge research and years of practical, hands-on management experience, which will help leaders to deliver success in these challenging times. These approaches include:

Global Foresight: We cannot craft an effective strategy without understanding the future. We need to identify who will be the new global architects and how they will create a fresh, revolutionary environment for business.

Strategy: I can help your teams to build real winning action plans for the new worlds that await us.

Scenario planning: This is an established foresight tool to help organisations explore the future but it has a reputation for being expensive and time consuming. My technique creates meaningful scenarios for your business in just a few hours, cutting time and reducing costs but critically building foresight and resilience.

Change: Leading organisations and delivering change during periods of crisis and uncertainty is the biggest challenge for any leader. My practical, research-based approach provides the route map.

Mentoring and Leadership Development:  My tailored mentoring and leadership development programmes provide you with a fast and cost-effective route to building the leadership capabilities that your organisation will need in tomorrow’s world.

Please do find a few minutes to explore my website. The Briefings section contains a range of articles on strategy, foresight, change and innovation. In the Blog section there is up-to-date comment on the emerging new worlds, and the Services page provides further insights of how I can help you.

The old world will not come back. Now is the time to start the journey into the future. Why not start with one of my latest briefings – Strategy: The Known Unknowns You Really Need to Know The Most Difficult Decision You May Ever have To Make or Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement.