What is the future of global connectivity?

The future of global connectivity – is the second in a series of articles I’m writing titled Future Questions.  In an uncertain world it’s no use just relying on just one plan or one set of assumptions. If you’re interested in building resilience, there’s a lot to be learnt by exploring what we […]

Are You Ready for the Super-Sized Super Competitor?

Reading time: 4 minutes Exploring a Future World This is the first of a series of articles that will help you to explore an uncertain future world. We all need to explore a range of potential futures. This applies whether we are a large corporation or an individual. We all […]

Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

The Importance of a Personal Vision Statement We often talk about vision statements for organisations, but what about personal vision statements for us as individuals? Looking back over my career, and sharing a secret with you, I would say that the times that I have been in real trouble, drifting […]

Artificial Intelligence - the most difficult decision

The most difficult decision to make

  The decision I’m referring to goes right to the heart both of leadership and strategy. It concerns one of the biggest disruptors that our organisations will face. I’m talking about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and the decision focuses upon this question: How will my organisation use Robotics and AI? A […]

Strategy, Disruption, Innovation and Resilience

There is no data about the future … just theories I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture at Cass Business School, London given by Prof Clayton Christensen of disruptive innovation fame. Christensen’s opening words were ‘There is no data about the future’, a statement that immediately resonated with me. […]

Disruptive innovation in a low growth world


How to Build a High Reliability Organization

What is a ‘High Reliability Organization’? In my last briefing, 10 Reasons Why You Should Think About Recession, I introduced the term ‘High Reliability Organization’. This of course raises a question ‘Just what exactly is a high reliability organization?’  That’s the question that I would like to quickly address here […]

10 Reasons Why You Must Think About Recession

Accentuate the Negative We’re often told to ‘accentuate the positive’, great advice, but there might be some downsides, especially in the uncertain and volatile world that we live in today. One very real downside is that just looking at the positive can stop us from seeing the totality of the real […]

2011 AND BEYOND: Future of globalization

This briefing is based on a presentation to the Alumni of the University of Westminster on November 9, 2010.  You can view this presentation online here. OVERVIEW: SEEING THE REAL PICTURE If we look back over the last 24 tumultuous months, a period that threatened the end of the business […]

Strategy: The Known Unknowns You Really Need to Know

Download pdf version Overview: The world is changing rapidly, but many of the assumptions that we use to think about the future have not. In reality we are now confronted with a range of ‘unknowns’ that could fundamentally confront and over-turn these common and widely-held assumptions. This briefing suggests that […]


How to Avoid a Premature Corporate Death

  In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article I answered the question ‘Can my organization live forever?’  It’s a really relevant question as the life expectancy of many organisations is limited – only around 0.1% – yes – 0.1% – of businesses live beyond the age of 40! Avoiding a premature corporate […]