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Apple, BlackBerry and The Organizational Life-Cycle

The news that Research in Motion (RIM) is suffering from declining revenues and that Apple might have peaked remind us of the organizational life-cycle. The organizational life-cycle is a little used management tool, but it could be the most powerful that business leaders deploy. There is a lot of research […]

After America: Thinking beyond economic globalization

The following post is based on my presentation given at the ‘After America: Exploring a new world order’ event at Cass Business School, London, 3rd December 2012. Dangerous Assumptions One of the deep assumptions that we tend to make when we’re preparing our business plans is that we live in, […]

A Death Warrant?

The news of France’s sovereign debt downgrade has evoked the usual storm of exclamations and finger pointing. But there is another far more important issue at hand. And that is summed up in the question: “For how much longer will nation states allow themselves to be controlled by the financial markets?” It’s […]

Event Invitation – After America: Exploring a new world order

CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL, LONDON 3rd DECEMBER 2012 6:00PM More than an economic downturn Looking back over the last three months, we have witnessed mixed economic indicators, stubborn levels of youth unemployment in Europe, emerging worries that the US faces its own ‘Euro Crisis’, doubts regarding the efficacy of austerity programs, […]

Of fiscal multipliers and Pandora’s boxes

An Admission and Pandora’s Box Earlier this month, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, called for looser deficit reduction deadlines for Greece and issued a cautionary note regarding the relentless pursuit of ‘austerity’ policies. However, what will prove to be the historically most important point she […]

Europe’s (and the West’s) New Twenty Years’ Crisis

Necessary Measures “I know that the measures that I have announced are not pleasant, but they are necessary.” These were the words of Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy as he announced public spending cuts and tax increases of Euro65bn. Whilst I can understand this action from a purely economic standpoint, I found it […]

Solitary poor nasty brutish and short

The news that a third scalp, that of Chief Operating Officer Jerry del Missier, has been taken at Barclays within hours of the resignation of Bob Diamond is deeply worrying. I am worried because the fabric of our societies, at least in the so-called ‘advanced economies’ is under threat, grave threat. […]