A New Iron Curtain?

It was surprising to note that, apparently, the hot topic in Davos was the discussion of the merits of State Socialism[1].  This infers that China has got it right and represents a considerable swing in attitudes from previous Davos summits.

It is worth remembering that the current State Socialism model is barely out of the laboratory and has yet to prove itself.  As Dr Eamonn Butler explains [2], capitalism in the form of a post September 2008 variant may still be the best bet.

What we may be able to glimpse in the shadows however is the sight of a new curtain, somewhat more permeable than the old “Iron Curtain”, that may delineate the world for the next decade or three.

[1] Rachman, G. How the bottom fell out of ‘old’ Davos. Financial Times 2 February, 2010
[2] Bulter, E. Capitalism or Socialism? Adam Smith Institute 8 February, 2010

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