The Rise and Fall

Download pdf version Quick Points: An overview in 120 seconds During the past three months two major studies, focusing upon the future of the global economy, have been released. Both show significant global growth and the emergence of a swathe of new economies. This information can be interpreted from two […]

Remember Globalization?

If your business plans hinge on the continued rolling forward of the globalization bandwagon then you had better draw up a contingency plan (regular readers of this blog will have already prepared such plans). The news[1] that the US Fed will engage in a second round of quantitative easing (“QE2”) […]

3D Consumer Repletion

An interesting article appeared in today’s Financial Times[1] noting the failure of recently released 3D films – which may have implications for the take up of the next wave of consumer-focused innovation – 3D TV.  Here in the double-dip threatened UK, 3DTV will follow hard on the heals of full […]