How to Avoid a Premature Corporate Death

Is success my biggest problem?


In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article I answered the question ‘Can my organization live forever?’  It’s a really relevant question as the life expectancy of many organisations is limited – only around 0.1% – yes – 0.1% – of businesses live beyond the age of 40! Avoiding a premature corporate death should therefore be at or near the top of the agenda!

Focusing on this subject, in this YouTube video I give a quick review of three key pointers to avoid an early corporate death:


You might also want to look out for these symptoms that could indicate when there could be an emerging problem ….

  • Over-confidence in existing strategies – ‘our ways of doing things’ – can get us out of any problem
  • Seeing the outside world just as ‘an industry’.
  • Conceptualising the future as a place without major challenges.
  • Focusing primarily on co-ordination, control and costs.
  • Managers who spend most of their time inter-acting just with other managers.
  • A relentless drive for growth and/or a continuous cascade of large-scale changes.
  • Not thinking about ‘what would do if‘?
  • Silo-based working.
  • Seeing strategy as a process of control rather than a process of learning.

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