After America

UK and Europe: two scenarios for business

  Text of presentation given by Dr Robert Davies at the City University British election roundtable event 30 April 2015 Overview: This talk introduces the ‘toxic 5‘ – factors that could destabilise western democracies. Many of these factors my be in position now. Business leaders seeking resilience should consider preparing […]

Globalization: Understanding the weak signals

Download a pdf version Overview: Research tells us that one of the secrets to building a resilient organisation  is to understand and interpret weak signals better than the competition. Weak signals can help us prepare for future shocks. If we look at recent developments, particularly in the Ukraine and the Middle East, there […]

A World of Regions

So why should business leaders pay attention to RTP?

No, it’s not the latest business ‘cure-all panacea’ to follow in the footsteps of BPR (business process re-engineering), TQM (total quality management) or the BSC (balanced scorecard). RTP is none of these, although it is one of a number of key leading indicators that business leaders should be looking at […]