Balanced Scorecard

Success: A Poisoned Chalice?

The news that the once ubiquitous Blackberry – the makers of the ‘phone that everyone just had to have – has put itself up for sale, is another stark reminder that success can bring its very real and unwelcome problems. Blackberry, formerly Research In Motion,  is the latest in a line up of […]

Is success my biggest problem?

Challenging the Tenets of Management: #1 Shareholder value

The maximisation of shareholder value has been hailed over the last decade as managements’ central and ultimate driving mission or purpose in life. On the surface, it’s one that makes sense too. The shareholders are the ultimate owners of an organization, so the maximisation a business’s financial value (variously defined […]

Recession: Looking for stress points

In my last posting Davos 2009, Recession and Business Strategy: Quo Vadis? I included some straightforward questions to start the process of “stress testing” your business strategy.  In this posting I would like to explore the issue of “Stress” from a different perspective, which has a distinctly human element. Unfortunately […]

Recession Survival: Industry Contagion, Structural Change and Business Strategy

Structural Change My last two entries introduced the challenge of structural change. I have drawn attention to the fact that recessions don’t just mean a period of economic contraction, they also bring the prospect of economic restructuring. And economic restructuring has fundamental implications for business strategy. I used financial services […]

Countering Over-Optimism: A role for the Balanced Scorecard?

Gavin Cassar’s (Assistant Professor of Accounting at Wharton) latest research is interesting and may confirm a trend that many of us suspected was lurking behind the scenes. The problem is that when preparing business plans, managers tend to be overly optimistic. There may be an inbuilt tendency for us all […]

The Dangers of Stretch Targets

Reading Stefan Stern’s article “The art of stretching employees” (Financial Times February 25th 2008) reminded me of some of the problems associated with the popular management by “stretch” philosophy. You know what I mean – asking employees to do the seemingly impossible for example achieve 60% growth after a year […]