Change Management

How to Build a High Reliability Organization

What is a ‘High Reliability Organization’? In my last briefing, 10 Reasons Why You Should Think About Recession, I introduced the term ‘High Reliability Organization’. This of course raises a question ‘Just what exactly is a high reliability organization?’  That’s the question that I would like to quickly address here […]


Globalization and Strategy: Have we got it right?

In this LinkedIn Pulse article I question the robustness of many of the popular assumptions that under-pin globalization and business strategy – from the ongoing rise of social media through to the stability of a connected world. I also provide ideas that you can work through with your management team to […]

Globalization and megatrends have we got it wrong

Understanding Mission, Vision and Values

Download a pdf version here Overview Frequently we become so busy, so absorbed by our day to day work that we forget to ensure that our organization has a clear and well communicated purpose. Yet research tells us that a clear and widely understood ‘purpose’ is the hallmark of a […]

Is success my biggest problem?

Success: A Poisoned Chalice?

The news that the once ubiquitous Blackberry – the makers of the ‘phone that everyone just had to have – has put itself up for sale, is another stark reminder that success can bring its very real and unwelcome problems. Blackberry, formerly Research In Motion,  is the latest in a line up of […]

Apple, BlackBerry and The Organizational Life-Cycle

The news that Research in Motion (RIM) is suffering from declining revenues and that Apple might have peaked remind us of the organizational life-cycle. The organizational life-cycle is a little used management tool, but it could be the most powerful that business leaders deploy. There is a lot of research […]