Strategy, Disruption, Innovation and Resilience

There is no data about the future … just theories I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture at Cass Business School, London given by Prof Clayton Christensen of disruptive innovation fame. Christensen’s opening words were ‘There is no data about the future’, a statement that immediately resonated with me. […]

Disruptive innovation in a low growth world


Success in a world without growth

Growth: The importance of a word Growth is probably the most powerful word in the business vocabulary. Overtly, or subliminally, it drives everything we do as business leaders. ‘Growth’ is the primary measure of success and is a word that acts as a call to action for strategy, change and innovation […]

Looking at the Future: the critical mistakes to avoid

This paper and the associated scenarios were originally presented at The Emerging Markets HR Summit 12th November 2015 London, organised by BOC Global Events and Training Group You can download a pdf version here   Organizations and foresight It is a sad fact that many organizations might not be very […]

Of Austerity and Reinhardt and Rogoff

And so the storm has broken. The paper that supported the argument for austerity has been challenged. I’m of course referring to Growth in a Time of Debt written by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff[1]. Broadly, this paper indicates that if government debt exceeds 90% of GDP then there’s trouble […]

2013: Understanding a new world (Part 2)

In my last post 2013: Understanding a new world (Part 1) I emphasised the point that we need to look for signals that could give us an early warning of a dramatic change in the world order – something that many businesses are probably ill-prepared for. I set out some of the […]

2013: Understanding a new world (Part 1) 1

Resolutions and Predictions So it’s January and a new year has broken. That means it’s time for those New Year resolutions (that, if you’re like me, will never be kept) and yes, all those predictions for what life will be like at the end of 2013. The newspapers are full […]

After America: Thinking beyond economic globalization

The following post is based on my presentation given at the ‘After America: Exploring a new world order’ event at Cass Business School, London, 3rd December 2012. Dangerous Assumptions One of the deep assumptions that we tend to make when we’re preparing our business plans is that we live in, […]