Human Resource Management

Success: A Poisoned Chalice?

The news that the once ubiquitous Blackberry – the makers of the ‘phone that everyone just had to have – has put itself up for sale, is another stark reminder that success can bring its very real and unwelcome problems. Blackberry, formerly Research In Motion,  is the latest in a line up of […]

Is success my biggest problem?

HR should do more in a recession?

I read this morning, with some interest, a web page[1] summarising a recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit[2]. Broadly, this survey looks at the perceived role of HR in a recession taking the perspectives of both business executives and HR executives.  The survey points to a number of issues […]

Recession: Understanding the business and psychological impact 1

Overview: Recession – Understanding the business and psychological impact This briefing provides the results of a web-based survey conducted on this site between February and May 2009 to determine the real costs and impact of the recession – especially from the perspective of the psychological impact upon organizations’ human resources. […]

Recession: Looking for stress points

In my last posting Davos 2009, Recession and Business Strategy: Quo Vadis? I included some straightforward questions to start the process of “stress testing” your business strategy.  In this posting I would like to explore the issue of “Stress” from a different perspective, which has a distinctly human element. Unfortunately […]

Recession – A business survival guide (Part 4: Human Resource Acquisition)

Recession is a time to think innovation and expanding market coverage – a quick synopsis of the general theme in this briefing series. Research conducted into companies that have grown, rather than contracted, during periods of economic stagnation shows us that these companies are good at, amongst other things, spotting […]

Financial Services, outsourcing, strategy and innovation: Time to rue past decisions?

Frequent visitors to my website will be familiar with my long-running concerns with outsourcing or BPO – especially in the financial services industry and the insurance sector in particular. I have dealt with outsourcing issues in some detail in two briefings – most notably Outsourcing Problems and Disadvantages Revisited. My […]