Recession Survival & Growth

Looking at the Future: the critical mistakes to avoid

This paper and the associated scenarios were originally presented at The Emerging Markets HR Summit 12th November 2015 London, organised by BOC Global Events and Training Group You can download a pdf version here   Organizations and foresight It is a sad fact that many organizations might not be very […]

Success: A Poisoned Chalice?

The news that the once ubiquitous Blackberry – the makers of the ‘phone that everyone just had to have – has put itself up for sale, is another stark reminder that success can bring its very real and unwelcome problems. Blackberry, formerly Research In Motion,  is the latest in a line up of […]

Is success my biggest problem?

3D Consumer Repletion

An interesting article appeared in today’s Financial Times[1] noting the failure of recently released 3D films – which may have implications for the take up of the next wave of consumer-focused innovation – 3D TV.  Here in the double-dip threatened UK, 3DTV will follow hard on the heals of full […]

Recession, change and the heroic leader

John Kay (Beware the cult of the heroic chief executive FT, June 9) provides us with an excellent summary of the failings of the dominant, heroic leader. My research, conducted after the 1990s recession, shows that a special type of leadership is required if organisations are going to successfully pick […]