Enduring Capitalism and Democracy

Two things that we took for granted when preparing our business plans. Unwritten assumptions that democracy and capitalism would survive all that the world could throw at them.

Well, many are frightened that this might not be the case. Most are pointing to the current Euro Area crisis as a potential source of capitalism’s demise.

True, this is one of capitalism’s great tests but the real problem maybe located far away in an area that many think will give capitalism and democracy a long-needed shot in the arm – Asia. John Feffer makes the point that we could see North Korea coming back into the fold, providing a pivotal energy and transportation linkage uniting pan-Eurasian interests – from Russia to China.

But we have to consider what impact North Korea’s inclusion may have in Eurasia. New feet will be under the table at the head of the world’s fastest growing zone of influence – and neither capitalism or democracy got those feet under the table.

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