Event Invitation – After America: Exploring a new world order


More than an economic downturn
Looking back over the last three months, we have witnessed mixed economic indicators, stubborn levels of youth unemployment in Europe, emerging worries that the US faces its own ‘Euro Crisis’, doubts regarding the efficacy of austerity programs, worries about how to head off a nuclear-capable Iran and simmering nationalistic tensions between China and Japan. Even the stability of the ‘BRICs’ has been questioned.

These are all symptoms that the world is experiencing more than just a prolonged period of economic uncertainty. And yet we still seem to hope for economic recovery and a return to the apparently halcyon days before the financial meltdown of 2008.

Those days will never appear again.

The Real Issue: A new world order
We need to turn our minds away from just worrying about economic growth, to focus on the real issue. The real issue is that we are in the midst of a change in the world order, the like of which the world has not seen since July 1944.

Guiding organisations through a shifting world order will be the most significant challenge that business leaders will face in the coming decades. This challenge will be compounded by the probability that new global architects will appear, beyond nation states and financial markets. It will be these new global architects who will play a pivotal role in designing the business world of the future.

I will be exploring the implications of this transition to a new world order at the event After America: Exploring a new world order to be held at Cass Business School, London at 6:00PM on 3rd December where I will address these questions

  • Who are the new global architects?
  • What partnerships could they form to reshape our world?
  • Do we face a peaceful or a fractious, conflict ridden transition?

After my presentation I will be joined by a panel of experts from Cass Business School and City University for a Q & A session that will explore a range implications for business leaders.

This event launches my new book Era of Global Transition: Crises and opportunities in a new world  which provides new tools and approaches specifically designed for business leaders wishing to explore a future that will bear very little semblance to the past.

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To learn more about my book the Era of Global Transition: Crises and opportunities in a new world click here.

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