Business Planning

Recession and Strategy: The old questions don’t work anymore 1

Overview We are all deep into the annual planning process. But this time the challenges are different and therefore the questions that we should address must change. An era of uninterrupted economic growth has come to an abrupt halt. The hopes emanating from last year’s planning cycle, that the world […]

Recession – A business survival guide (Part 5: The economy – realism please)

Reviewing many business plans and corporate statements over the last eight weeks or so brings me to one conclusion.  Business leaders may be adopting a far too optimistic view of the direction of the global economy when setting out their business plans for 2009 and beyond. The general consensus is […]

Countering Over-Optimism: A role for the Balanced Scorecard?

Gavin Cassar’s (Assistant Professor of Accounting at Wharton) latest research is interesting and may confirm a trend that many of us suspected was lurking behind the scenes. The problem is that when preparing business plans, managers tend to be overly optimistic. There may be an inbuilt tendency for us all […]