The Rise and Fall

Download pdf version Quick Points: An overview in 120 seconds During the past three months two major studies, focusing upon the future of the global economy, have been released. Both show significant global growth and the emergence of a swathe of new economies. This information can be interpreted from two […]

Challenging the Tenets of Management: #1 Shareholder value

The maximisation of shareholder value has been hailed over the last decade as managements’ central and ultimate driving mission or purpose in life. On the surface, it’s one that makes sense too. The shareholders are the ultimate owners of an organization, so the maximisation a business’s financial value (variously defined […]

The Post-Great Recession World: Four future views

Introduction A new term has entered our vocabulary, “The Great Recession”. A period of turmoil and shock that started, at least publicly, with the demise of Lehman Brothers on 15 September, 2008. Whether of not we are still in the grips of the Great Recession depends largely on where you […]

Be careful in what you take for granted

Especially when it comes to assumptions that underpin your business and its strategy.  Most businesses have assumed that (a) global warming is happening and (b) we are approaching an energy supply crisis. In the past two days both of these tenets have been challenged: Firstly, a report challenging global warming[1] […]