economic restructuring

Remember Globalization?

If your business plans hinge on the continued rolling forward of the globalization bandwagon then you had better draw up a contingency plan (regular readers of this blog will have already prepared such plans). The news[1] that the US Fed will engage in a second round of quantitative easing (“QE2”) […]

Back to Globalization? Don’t bet all your money

Regular readers will know that I tend to take a contrarian view.  This is done at least partly in attempt to stimulate debate in the strategy field. There are a couple of subliminal assumptions (or hopes) that I believe are circulating in the strategy world at the moment that need […]

Recession Survival: Industry Contagion, Structural Change and Business Strategy

Structural Change My last two entries introduced the challenge of structural change. I have drawn attention to the fact that recessions don’t just mean a period of economic contraction, they also bring the prospect of economic restructuring. And economic restructuring has fundamental implications for business strategy. I used financial services […]