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Lessons From Luxury Goods: the future never proceeds as expected

This article contains some important observations – Luxury goods: style rises in the east – http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5fc71b48-7f09-11e1-a26e-00144feab49a.html Conventional thinking has been that burgeoning consumer demand in Asia would save the West and especially the West’s luxury goods sector. Maybe this might not be the case. This article points to the emergence […]

The Rise and Fall

Download pdf version Quick Points: An overview in 120 seconds During the past three months two major studies, focusing upon the future of the global economy, have been released. Both show significant global growth and the emergence of a swathe of new economies. This information can be interpreted from two […]

Thoughts of an L-Shaped Recovery and Future Worlds 1

Overview This post considers the implications of a long , slow L-shaped recovery in the developed economies. The outcome could be a divided world, with the developed economies split into two groups or blocs. In the scenario presented here, the lasting effects of the Great Recession are felt as seismic […]

The B3 – The new face of globalization? 2

Markus Jaeger makes an interesting observation in his article The Great Risk Shift[1] noting that the Great Recession has had another unexpected outcome. In summary, the terms “developed economies” and “emerging economies” are now anachronisms – part of the vocabulary of the pre-Great Recession world that are now of limited […]

The Post-Great Recession World: Four future views

Introduction A new term has entered our vocabulary, “The Great Recession”. A period of turmoil and shock that started, at least publicly, with the demise of Lehman Brothers on 15 September, 2008. Whether of not we are still in the grips of the Great Recession depends largely on where you […]

Recession and Strategy: Tracking the path to a new world.

In my January 2009 Executive Briefing I argue that we are dealing with far more than a recession.  We are on the edge of a tipping point where the business world will probably undergo the biggest shift that we will witness in our lifetimes. If we thought that in the […]