Splitting Points 2014

Unity or Fragmentation? Before reading this post it might be a good idea to read my earlier post – Globalization: Time for a rethink? – where I propose that it’s time to think about the appearance of different worlds – rather than the single economically unified global marketplace that most(?) businesses seem to assume […]

Remember Globalization?

If your business plans hinge on the continued rolling forward of the globalization bandwagon then you had better draw up a contingency plan (regular readers of this blog will have already prepared such plans). The news[1] that the US Fed will engage in a second round of quantitative easing (“QE2”) […]

The Post-Great Recession World: Four future views

Introduction A new term has entered our vocabulary, “The Great Recession”. A period of turmoil and shock that started, at least publicly, with the demise of Lehman Brothers on 15 September, 2008. Whether of not we are still in the grips of the Great Recession depends largely on where you […]

What do Greece, Google, China and NPT have in common?

So how are: (a) The emerging sovereign debt crisis in Greece (b) Google’s disagreement with China (c) The 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (due to start on 30th April) linked together? Well, they are all what I call “shaping events“. The big question in every business leader’s mind must be […]

Back to Globalization or Back to Protectionism?

The news of the decision by the US to impose a duty on Chinese tyre imports (following pressure from US unions)[1] and the threat of response from China, really does raise the issue of protectionism.  It also questions the hopes of a new era of post crash global co-operation signalled […]

Back to Globalization? Don’t bet all your money

Regular readers will know that I tend to take a contrarian view.  This is done at least partly in attempt to stimulate debate in the strategy field. There are a couple of subliminal assumptions (or hopes) that I believe are circulating in the strategy world at the moment that need […]