Strategy, Disruption, Innovation and Resilience

There is no data about the future … just theories I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture at Cass Business School, London given by Prof Clayton Christensen of disruptive innovation fame. Christensen’s opening words were ‘There is no data about the future’, a statement that immediately resonated with me. […]

Disruptive innovation in a low growth world


Resilience: a new mantra for business?

A New Mantra? Have you noticed that this year is different? Different in terms of what people are talking about? Well, it seems that way to me. The first few months of this year have produced some words, phrases and subjects that seem to keep popping up in conversation everywhere, […]

Greece, Debt, Contagion and Political Change

Unlikely bedfellows you may think, but two articles from the Institute of Fiscal Studies[1], [2] can help us to see the type of future that may await us, particularly for the losers of the Great Recession, those that I call the “bloc #3“. The key points from the above articles […]

Recession – A business survival guide (Part 3 – Portfolio Balance)

In past entries I have argued the point that recession is a time to crank up innovation – not to cut investment in it. In my last blog entry I referred to the “Aldi Effect” – in a recession customers will change their buying habits and preferences. The real danger […]