Time to test some axioms

Download pdf Or, how to avoid the blindfolded bus driver’s syndrome. Overview This briefing takes the position that the current crisis is at least partially due to the acceptance of certain assumptions or rules about the way that the world works.  The problem is that these assumptions may have passed […]

Strategy and the Future World: Why the next three months may hold the key

Those of you who have been following my scenarios will know that I hold that future, not the past or even current events associated with the current financial crisis, will determine the shape of the the future business world. In my scenarios as described in 2009: Signposts to where? – […]

Recession Survival: Look again at the outside world

Every once in a while a piece of academic research lands on my desk just at the right time. Just last week I read a research article from two academics in the US focusing upon strategy and the way that managers see the business environment (please see References [1] at […]