Lessons From Luxury Goods: the future never proceeds as expected

This article contains some important observations – Luxury goods: style rises in the east – Conventional thinking has been that burgeoning consumer demand in Asia would save the West and especially the West’s luxury goods sector. Maybe this might not be the case. This article points to the emergence […]

Back to Globalization or Back to Protectionism?

The news of the decision by the US to impose a duty on Chinese tyre imports (following pressure from US unions)[1] and the threat of response from China, really does raise the issue of protectionism.  It also questions the hopes of a new era of post crash global co-operation signalled […]

Strategy and the Future World: Why the next three months may hold the key

Those of you who have been following my scenarios will know that I hold that future, not the past or even current events associated with the current financial crisis, will determine the shape of the the future business world. In my scenarios as described in 2009: Signposts to where? – […]