HR should do more in a recession?

I read this morning, with some interest, a web page[1] summarising a recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit[2]. Broadly, this survey looks at the perceived role of HR in a recession taking the perspectives of both business executives and HR executives.  The survey points to a number of issues […]

Creative Destruction: A special type of change management

The upside of a recession is that it brings with it a wave of creative destruction, generating new opportunities.  The sting in the tail however, is that this wave will also threaten established business strategies, making some obsolete. Many businesses are in the vice-like grip of the recession – on […]

Behavioural Shifts: An X, Y or M issue?

In my last entry I focused on looking at behaviours and responses to the downturn from a B2B perspective – judging the likely winners and losers amongst business customers.  But what about consumers?  Will their attitudes change? My argument is that the deeper the recession runs and the longer that […]

Time to test some axioms

Download pdf Or, how to avoid the blindfolded bus driver’s syndrome. Overview This briefing takes the position that the current crisis is at least partially due to the acceptance of certain assumptions or rules about the way that the world works.  The problem is that these assumptions may have passed […]

Navigating the Recession: The waves of change 1

A clear point emanating from my earlier posts and, importantly, discussions with business managers and leaders is that we cannot afford just to “sit this one out” and expect the business world (and in fact the world in general) to be in exactly the same shape as it was before […]

Strategy and the Future World: Why the next three months may hold the key

Those of you who have been following my scenarios will know that I hold that future, not the past or even current events associated with the current financial crisis, will determine the shape of the the future business world. In my scenarios as described in 2009: Signposts to where? – […]

New Regulation: Implications for Capitalism II

On 23rd February Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, gave a keynote presentation to the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR)[1]. Whilst this presentation was a clear signal of the shape of “regulation to come for the banking sector, there might be some important clues from this presentation, […]

Davos 2009, Recession and Business Strategy: Quo Vadis? 1

Davos: Are the muddied waters clearer? [Updated 25 February 2009] I thought that I would save my next blog entry on the strategy implications of economic recession until the conclusions of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos emerged. I wanted to use the output from Davos to review my […]

Recession and Strategy: Tracking the path to a new world.

In my January 2009 Executive Briefing I argue that we are dealing with far more than a recession.  We are on the edge of a tipping point where the business world will probably undergo the biggest shift that we will witness in our lifetimes. If we thought that in the […]