Looking at the Future: the critical mistakes to avoid

This paper and the associated scenarios were originally presented at The Emerging Markets HR Summit 12th November 2015 London, organised by BOC Global Events and Training Group You can download a pdf version here   Organizations and foresight It is a sad fact that many organizations might not be very […]

Globalization: Time for a rethink?

Download a pdf version Seeing the dots March and the first days of April have seen momentous events ranging from the Cyprus crisis to threats of nuclear war. This briefing argues that we should take time out to review these and other events to see if they are providing us […]

What do Greece, Google, China and NPT have in common?

So how are: (a) The emerging sovereign debt crisis in Greece (b) Google’s disagreement with China (c) The 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (due to start on 30th April) linked together? Well, they are all what I call “shaping events“. The big question in every business leader’s mind must be […]

Navigating the Recession: The waves of change 1

A clear point emanating from my earlier posts and, importantly, discussions with business managers and leaders is that we cannot afford just to “sit this one out” and expect the business world (and in fact the world in general) to be in exactly the same shape as it was before […]

Strategy and the Future World: Why the next three months may hold the key

Those of you who have been following my scenarios will know that I hold that future, not the past or even current events associated with the current financial crisis, will determine the shape of the the future business world. In my scenarios as described in 2009: Signposts to where? – […]

Davos 2009, Recession and Business Strategy: Quo Vadis? 1

Davos: Are the muddied waters clearer? [Updated 25 February 2009] I thought that I would save my next blog entry on the strategy implications of economic recession until the conclusions of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos emerged. I wanted to use the output from Davos to review my […]

Recession and Strategy: Tracking the path to a new world.

In my January 2009 Executive Briefing I argue that we are dealing with far more than a recession.  We are on the edge of a tipping point where the business world will probably undergo the biggest shift that we will witness in our lifetimes. If we thought that in the […]

Strategy and Uncertainty: Traditional planning systems don’t work anymore

A quick review of just one edition of the Financial Times (Friday 25th April 2008), reveals that we now live a world of sudden, unforeseen shocks.  Thumbing through the pages of this edition over a cup of coffee reveals the following potential headaches for businesses, that probably were not on […]