Consultancy: Helping You

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I don’t have ‘off the shelf’ consultancy products. My job is to understand your specific challenges and tailor my services for your organisation.


My help can be delivered in a number of ways from consultancy assignments and research projects through to development workshops, mentoring, or even short, value-added conversations. Above all, I work with clients to ensure that real business issues are addressed and that new competences and solutions, ready for implementation are created.


I can help you in these areas:


  • Mentoring and Development: Today’s world is a place where results really matter, but time and resources may be limited. My Mentoring and Development Programme recognises this new reality and is designed to provide the assistance that current and aspiring future executives need in both a convenient and cost-effective manner. For more details, please click here.
  • Strategy: I can provide the essential tools to help identify the next decade’s sources of competitive advantage and ensure that your team members know what a winning business plan really looks like. If your interest is in a development program for your organisation, please click here.
  • Scenario planning: My approach to scenario planning is robust and isn’t expensive or resource-hungry. I will show you how to create meaningful scenarios in just an afternoon. This is a great way to explore uncertainty and develop different ways of seeing the world. If you’re interested, there’s a sample development program here.
  • Change: The ultimate challenge for business leaders is diagnosing the type of change required and then defining an action program. I show leaders the techniques needed to evaluate their organisations, build change plans and mitigate risk. For a sample program, please check here.
  • Innovation: When it comes to innovation, leadership teams have a key role to play. My research-based approach will help your team to drive it forward. If you’re interested in innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, check out my program here.
  • The future of globalisation: Most of the beliefs that we hold about globalisation could fail. My six-year study in the fields of globalisation and international relations has put together a range of tools that leaders can use to challenge assumptions and develop clearer definitions of who the new global power players will be and how they could reshape your markets.


My development programs include case studies and an analysis of current events. I can also help you to design programs and to source other subject area specialists.

I can also be booked as a speaker; I have the ability to simplify complex business issues, provide inspirational messaging and to focus on the big picture. I tailor and craft motivational and content rich keynote speeches, seminars and master-classes that are relevant to the needs of your organisation, industry or sector and that are matched precisely to your objectives.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any consultancy or training requirements that are not listed here.