Case Studies: vision, strategy and values

Strategic Vision Dr Robert Davies

These short case study vignettes provide a glimpse of the type of help that I can provide for your organisation.


Strategy through engagement: Here the client wanted a radical new strategy to face a changing environment. Crucially, the new approach had to be owned at all levels in the organisation. Unfortunately, previous attempts to develop a new, shared direction had failed. I formed a series of “slice groups” – representing all levels in the organisation. I trained them in the latest techniques and guided them through the process of building the new plan. The approach was successfully presented at main board level and was communicated laterally outwards through the organisation by members of the “slice groups”. Using “slice groups” meant that each part of the organisation had both an owner and sponsor for the new direction, which also provided a clear platform for implementation. I provided coaching support during the implementation phase, working with the business teams.

Global vision: This international operation wanted to explore the future routes that globalisation could take in the second and third decades of the 21st century. Three long-term scenarios were developed and the most challenging of the three, which dealt with conflict and plunging economic growth, was used as a basis to identify the profile of a new portfolio of offerings.

Capturing capabilities: A highly skilled top-level manager was the driving force behind this client’s unrivalled track record of profitability. The problem was that this exceptional manager was due to retire. The task was to capture his competency set and use this as a basis for both selecting a successor and building a framework for leadership development in the organisation. Through interviews and observation, I was able to build a definition of this manager’s unique competency set and was able to further develop it to meet the demands of a future competitive environment. This was used as a basis for an assessment centre to identify the successor and to define the development needs of other aspiring managers.

Inclusive vision, inclusive values: The leadership team realised that its employees were the most important asset and it wanted to ensure that they were part of the process that developed a new long-term vision. I worked closely with the leadership team to ensure that a robust, long-term plan was in position. We used scenarios to help us to define both the core capabilities that the organisation would need to face the future and to develop a strong supporting strategic story for employees. I designed workshops so that employees from all areas in the organisation could build vision and value statements. A voting process was then used to select the winning contributions.