Strategic Thinking

Dr Robert Davies Strategic Thinking Course

Training & Development Program: Strategic Thinking

This intensive workshop is designed to equip managers and leaders with the tools and techniques that they need to make an immediate impact.


Specifically, this training event recognises that strategy is no longer a formal once a year process. We have left behind the concepts of the corporate planning department and the rigid top down annual planning process. The competitive environment is just too volatile and uncertain to allow such approaches.

Business strategy – the search for competitive advantage in the marketplace – is a way of thinking that characterises successful managers and corporate leaders. The objective of this intensive workshop-based program is to change the way that delegates view and gather information about their current and future marketplaces. Simply, this training workshop aims to transform delegates into visionaries, better able to predict, identify and rapidly take advantage of future strategic opportunities. A typical training program is described below. This framework can be changed to meet your exact needs and clients have used it to explore market-based opportunities using case studies and exercises written especially for their organisations.

This one to two day intensive program places special emphasis on:

(i) building future vision

(ii) identifying new emerging sources of competitive advantage and

(iii) understanding the challenges of implementation.

Typical content includes:

* What is strategy? A seven-point test that determines if any organisation really has got a winning strategy.

* Building the vision: Understanding the forces that can reshape the marketplace.

* Reinventing the rules of the game: Understand the key questions that you need to ask to see if your organisation can turn the tables on the competition and reinvent the marketplace.

* Generic strategy: Understand the new emerging generic strategies – sources of competitive advantage – for the 21st century.

* How to analyse clients and identify their real needs.

* Looking at competitors and matching their capabilities with yours.

* Organisational analysis. Analyse the strategic strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.

* Where could it all go wrong? An examination of ten common sources of failure when implementing business strategies.


After this training program delegates will have a practical appreciation of:

* What a successful strategy really looks like and how to test their own organisation’s strategy. * Drivers of change in the marketplace. * Michael Porter’s five forces model – its application and limitations. * Why traditional strategies must change. * What to look for to see if it is possible to completely change the rules of the game. * How to identify clients’ needs. * How to analyse competitors. * How to communicate strategy using simple graphical tools. * The successful path to implementation.

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