Building the Innovative Organisation: The leader’s role

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Innovation leaders are a rare breed who ensure that their organisations, however large, develop and retain the capacity to innovate and redefine the markets they operate in.


This program provides the innovation leader’s toolkit.




This one day intensive program embraces:

* The mind set of the corporate entrepreneur.

* The organisational life cycle. The biggest secret in the leader’s toolkit. Learn why, in our inter-connected world, many organisations are suffering from the syndrome of ‘early maturity’.

* How the great fail. How the best reinvent themselves and beat ‘early maturity’.

* Innovation – beyond products and processes – understanding the complete innovation palette.

* The role of the top leadership team and its nine critical activities.

* Diagnosing the barriers in your organisation.

* Best practice interventions to rapidly stimulate innovation.

* Understanding the stylistic inventory of the corporate entrepreneur.

* Planning and managing the process of change.


This is very much a ‘hands on’ program and leaders and their teams will come away with a route map for action including:

* The innovation story – a clear message of why the organisation must innovate to reach its vision.

* Where the principal innovation barriers are likely to be in the organisation.

* What are the nine critical activities of the leadership team.

* How to stimulate innovation quickly.

* Why failure can be good.

* The change management pathway.

* Common pitfalls to avoid.