Leading Change Training and Development Program

Dr Robert Davies Change Management



Managing change can be a challenging, risky and frustrating process for leaders.

Outcomes are by no means assured, deep change takes time and for the most of the process the leader may not totally be in control. Contrary to popular views, there is no one ‘right way’ to manage change that will suit all situations.


This one day workshop examines the three different types of change that leaders may face in their careers (i) incremental change, (ii) transformational change and (iii) the crisis. Workshop content will include:

* Understanding change and its forms.

* What is an ‘organisation’?

* How can we diagnose problems in our organisations?

* What stylistic inventory does the leader need?

* Change Pathway #1: Incremental change. Ensuring the organisation continues to evolve through a cascade of small changes and innovations.

* Change Pathway #2: Transformational change. Leading a long-term project to deliver deep cultural change.

* Change Pathway #3: The Crisis. Even the best organisations can face a crisis where a rapid and unforseen change in the competitive environment challenges the life of the organisation – and there may only be months to respond.

* Pitfalls to avoid.

* Best practice actions for success.


This program will deliver:

* A clear definition of the types of change the leader will face. * How to act as the ‘corporate doctor’ – where to look for problems and symptoms. * An understanding of the broad stylistic inventory that the leader of change must draw upon. * The likely route maps of change in our three different settings. * Common errors. * Pointers for success.