Profile: Dr Robert Davies

Dr Robert Davies

My objective is to help business leaders build strategic foresight and resilience within their organisations.

I help business leaders unravel the implications of a new world and to build the skills and competences that they and their organisations will need to succeed in the future. The tools and approaches that I use are based upon leading-edge research and years of practical, hands-on management experience.

Starting in 1986, I developed scenarios to explore the impact on new technology in the financial services sector. I have developed a track record of turning complex research and thought into techniques that can be readily applied by clients and students, so that they can make the most of the opportunities that a new world holds.

I thoroughly enjoy working with people at all levels in an organisation, particularly the ‘business leaders of tomorrow’ and I am frequently regarded as a ‘temporary member of your team’.

My latest book, ‘Era of Global Transition: Crises and opportunities in a new world’ has been described by business leaders as “thought-provoking…changing the way you think about how the world works”. The book looks at the emerging economic, political and social structures that challenge popular assumptions and traditional views about the shape of the future world, including the paths we take to get there.

You’ll find my thought pieces in the Executive Briefings and Blog sections.