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In the Press: Identifying tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges today …



Greece is just the start of Europe’s problems How interpreting events in a less-conventional manner can help us see the future from a new angle. This article looks at the forces for fragmentation that exist in Europe (and in other advanced economies too). Read it here …

UK Election Round-table event City University A summary of the 30 April 2015 event at City University. Read it here

UK and Europe: two scenarios for business As part of City University’s pre-election round-table event I presented an alternative scenario for the UK and Europe that introduces the ‘toxic 5’ – the five forces that could lead to fragmentation. The effects of the ‘toxic 5’ should be considered by business leaders now. Read the presentation text here

Spread of IS in the Middle East spells heightened risks for businesses. Read it here

Business Beware: Ukraine crisis shows failing power of national borders The crisis in the Ukraine heralds a period of shifting borders. Preparing long-term business plans using today’s world map could prove to be a very big mistake. Read it here

US default could lead to a new World Order – firms must prepare The US default crisis, whether resolved or not, is hastening the appearance of new world orders. Read it here

Businesses must pay attention to Syrian warning signs The crisis in Syria provides the business world with evidence of the new power shift, a power shift that could produce a very different world. Read it here

The fractures behind Turkey’s uprising carry a global warning Events in early June, 2013 could provide us with important indicators as to where the business world is headed. Read it here

The Crisis of Legitimacy. My letter published in the Financial Times succinctly explains why we should be worried about more than economic growth. Read it here

Seeing Through the Mist. Scenario planning is an essential tool to help us explore uncertainty. And it might not be as difficult to use as you think. This article explains it all. Download a copy here

Eye on the Prize. Leading during periods of ambiguity and change can be a major challenge. This article sets out the key steps to win. Download a copy here

Getting Ahead. Leaders have a key role in setting the climate for innovation. Learn the critical steps here. Download a copy here

Seeing Through the Mist, Eye on the Prize and Getting Ahead downloads provided by courtesy of Managing Partner Magazine

Vision Statements Can’t Fill a Vacuum. This Financial Times letter explains why a special type of leadership is required in a crisis. Just issuing orders from the top might not work. Read it here

Innovation and the Corporate Leader. Changing times means innovation. But is your organisation ready? My report prepared with Cass Business School London and the Chartered Insurance Institute explains the role of top level leaders in innovative organisations. It also gives pointers on how organisations can improve and describes an innovation leadership workshop that you can run with your team. Download a copy here